Dry Bulk Material Handling

Continuous Level Indicators

3D Level Scanner - Binmaster

SmartBob - Binmater

Ultrasonic - Binmaster

Radar - Binmaster

Strain Gauge - Thermo Ramsey

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Uses non-contact, dust-penetrating technology to provide unsurpassed bin continuous level and volume accuracy.
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SmartBob 2 Remote

The core component of a proven, reliable continuous level measurement system using cable-based sensoring technology.

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SmartSonic UltraSonic Transmitter

Designed for non-contacting continuous level measuring and monitoring of tanks, bins, and silos

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C-Level Continuous Indicator

Precision strain gauge sensors are press-fit into a vessel's support structure, so there is no concern for failure or maintenance issues caused by difficult materials or harsh process environments.  Unique round shape eliminates temperature drift found in other strain gauge systems.

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An economical and compact continuous level measuring and  inventory tracking system that has been designed to measure solids, powders, liquids or slurries in smaller bins, tanks and silos

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SmartWave Pulse Radar Transmitter

A very accurate, low-noise pulse radar continuous level transmitter for distances up to 100 feet.